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Your First Visit

Your first visit includes some brief paperwork, a thorough consultation and a Chiropractic adjustment. Let's walk through what your first visit will be like. Upon arriving at our office you'll be greeted, you'll sign in, and have all paperwork thoroughly explained to you.

The doctor will then review your intake form taking note of and listing all pertinent information in your file. You'll be given a brief tour of the office showing the various bulletin boards and Chiropractic information that makes us a true Chiropractic center, as well as the basic office layout and procedure. The office is set up for children and families. There are two family adjusting rooms as well as a third room for serious cases. Whatever your Chiropractic needs, we're here to serve you.

You'll then be brought to an adjusting room where the Chiropractor will listen thoroughly to what brought you to the office. He'll answer any questions that you may have regarding care. The Chiropractor will then perform a thorough safety profile to make sure it is safe for you to receive adjustments. A brief explanation of Chiropractic and Chiropractic philosophy (link to philosophy) will follow (see our "About Chiropractic" page).

For your examination, you will remain fully clothed. We do ask you to remove your shoes if this is comfortable for you. We will then ask you to lie down on the comfortable adjusting benches. The Chiropractor will check your spine and related joints.

The Chiropractor will let you know what he is finding as he checks your structure. He'll be checking for bone alignment, muscle and ligament tension, posture and general tone. You'll then be ready to receive an adjustment if needed.

What is an adjustment?
An adjustment is when a Chiropractor uses his hands to properly fine tune the areas of your spine, using a precise amount of pressure. Sometimes you will hear "cracking" sounds as your joints release. These "cracking" sounds are not your bones rubbing against each other but bubbles of carbon dioxide gas releasing in the fluids between your joints. It is a completely harmless side effect of an adjustment similar to "cracking" your knuckles. This sound is not an indication of whether the adjustment is successful. The Chiropractor will determine this by the release of tension under his hands while performing the adjustment.

Special notice for the nervous and timid:
We work within your comfort zone. All adjustments are done as gently as possible. Everything is explained in advance and you are always in control of what level of service you receive. If newborns and senior citizens up to 90 years old can receive adjustments, you can too! Release your fear as you are in good hands at the Yuhas Chiropractic Health Center.

After the adjustment, the Chiropractor will explain what to expect and briefly explain the healing process, which you will go through. You'll then proceed to the front desk to schedule your next appointment and make any payments.

On your second visit, the Chiropractor will check your spine and see how you responded to an adjustment. He'll then make recommendation as to your adjustment schedule. This visit will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

After your second visit you do not need to make an appointment. Regular office visits for an adjustment generally will last from five to fifteen minutes. So, for a very short time each week, each member of your family can enjoy a better quality of life.

Congratulations - you did it!

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Yuhas Chiropractic Health Center
7 Bridge St (Bldg. "C", Bridgepointe Office Complex) | Metuchen, NJ 08840
732-321-0377 | drjay@yuhaschiro.com