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Chiropractic Care for My Child?....
Why?......Their Back Doesn't Hurt...

Congratulations on being proactive enough to review this link! If you've been following along with the web site, you'll realize how important it is to check children.  If not, please review the About Chiropractic page to understand the objective of chiropractic care. Then return to this page.

Yes, subluxations do occur in children and very often have little or no symptoms at this early stage. The birth process is very traumatic and can certainly cause enough pressure for a subluxation to occur. We've all heard of long deliveries, broken collar bones, breech deliveries, etc. Subluxations can occur when the child is born, when learning to walk (they can tumble and fall 150-200 times per day!), when they are older (playing sports and games which cause all types of trauma) and then before long they are involved in organized sports. See where I am going with this?

What is really critical is that children have certain windows of development that are often only open for a short period of time. This is directed by the neural system which is actually the first system formed in a child's development. If this neural system is being interfered with from subluxation you are limiting your child's potential. Our chiropractic moms will claim their chiropractic children are more expressive, have a better immune system and concentrate better. This is about having the best for your child. Some cases are very severe, however, how about a case where just the hips are uneven. Which kid will be a better athlete the one with even or uneven hips?  Or how about the child with irritated nerves in the neck - will this affect the concentration or will it cause the neck musculature to be tight (blocking lymph drainage, leading to chronic upper respiratory and ear infections)? If you desire optimum potential for your child, please read on.

I know safety is an issue for you.  An adjustment for your child is a tiny light pressure (about the pressure used to check if a tomato is ripe) and the child can go on with his life. What if the unchecked subluxation leads to curvature? Why do you think as adults we have such chronic problems in our spine? Children usually need fewer adjustments as they do not have the years of damage. What if you did not go to the dentist for 20, 30 years? Also, please realize your pediatrician does not usually have training in Chiropractic. By all means, he will address your medical concerns. However you can not expect him to evaluate baby teeth or a subluxation. Please consult with an expert in the field, a family chiropractor. Also, most of our moms in the practice are happy to talk to you about chiropractic.

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Yuhas Chiropractic Health Center
7 Bridge St (Bldg. "C", Bridgepointe Office Complex) | Metuchen, NJ 08840
732-321-0377 | drjay@yuhaschiro.com