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About Chiropractic

The art, science and philosophy of locating, detecting and assisting with the correction of misalignment/subluxation of the spinal bones (vertebrae) and related joints by hands only with an adjustment.

Chiropractic is based on two basic concepts:
  1. God gave us an ability to heal ourselves and for the body to perform certain functions without conscious thought. Chiropractors often refer to this as the innate or inborn intelligence of the body. (For example, if you cut your finger, it begins to heal itself. We also do not need to think about regulating our blood pressure, body temperature, blinking, heart pumping, or breathing.)
  2. There is a basic tone or harmony between each cell, muscle, organ, bones, blood vessels, etc. When this harmony is in balance, our body will work best.
Why do we need a Chiropractor?
The number one reason we need a chiropractor is stress. Any physical, chemical or emotional stress, which overwhelms the body, may cause the bones of the spine (vertebrae) to go out of alignment. This lack of alignment will affect the tone of the body as well as often interfere of block the nerves and blood vessels, which go to everything in the body. It will also interfere with the innate functioning of the body.

With what can a Chiropractor help? Who goes to Chiropractors?
Although chiropractic is not a treatment for any one disease or condition, if there is a misalignment, chiropractic may help an individual regain their healing ability, get healthy, and keep strong.

The typical first visit to a chiropractor for most people is when they have had back pain, neck pain or headaches, which have not responded to treatment by drugs, medical treatment, or physical therapy. These people often find chiropractic helps their entire well being and want to continue.

Others who use chiropractic include top achievers, famous athletes and movie stars, those who want the best out of their sports, families who believe in prevention and want to use less medication, infants for the trauma from a "normal" delivery, children who often get less upper respiratory and ear infections, children and adults with spinal curvature, those who suffer from chronic, disabling or "incurable" diseases, artists and performers who want full expression of their potential, and people from all walks of life who simply want to be the best.

Is it any wonder top achievers like Mark Victor Hansen and Tony Robbins use chiropractors? How about Tiger Woods, Dan O'Brien, Lance Armstrong or Arnold Schwarzenegger? How about Mel Gibson or Sylvester Stallone? Bon Jovi?

Do I need to go to a Chiropractor forever?
How about when I'm feeling well?

The majority of the above people receive chiropractic as wellness care. How long you decide to benefit is up to you? I know the majority of Americans do not believe it, however, feeling well does not mean you are well.

Did you know that the first symptom of heart disease in 30% of the population is a fatal heart attack? And 86% of cancer manifestations have no symptoms at all?

A wellness program may consist of chiropractic adjustments, eating well, exercising, getting proper rest and thinking positive. The rest is up to you.


Yuhas Chiropractic Health Center
7 Bridge St (Bldg. "C", Bridgepointe Office Complex) | Metuchen, NJ 08840
732-321-0377 | drjay@yuhaschiro.com